NFL PLAY 60 Challenge Program Materials

multi-ethnic family playing football outside

Teachers and youth leaders have the opportunity to play an essential role in getting students active! Download these resources to get students excited, engaged and active in the NFL PLAY 60 Challenge. 

  • Teacher Guide - The Teacher Guide includes: details on the six-week Challenge and how to get students signed up; ideas on how to promote the Challenge within your school in fun, creative ways; information about additional resources to help get students up and active; and ideas on how to incorporate physical fitness into the classroom year-round.
  • Game Planner - The National Football League and the American Heart Association are challenging students in your school to get active for 60 minutes every day. The Game Planner will help students track their progress in the Challenge and can be used to evaluate their physical activity habits - both good and bad.
  • Classroom Scoreboard - The Classroom Scoreboard will help teachers track their students' physical activity minutes during the six-week Challenge. Two versions of the scoreboards are included: one version is an 8 ½ x 11 scoreboard, while the other version can be printed in sections and taped together as a poster.
  • Certificate - The Certificate of Achievement is awarded to students for completing the Challenge.

Pick your home team or use the generic version of these resources: