Healthy Eating Program in San Antonio leading to improved nutrition for this community's residents.

Bike and Pedestrian Appropriations: The City of San Antonio is working to pass the FY20 Budget they are continuing to use an Equity lens for the budget creation. Sidewalks The City’s sidewalk network has 5,056 miles of sidewalks and 1,878 miles of sidewalk gaps. The FY 2020 Proposed Budget includes $17 million for sidewalk improvements funded by $5 million from the Advanced Transportation District Fund and $12 million from the 2017 Bond Program.

Sidewalks are prioritized based on specific criteria including proximity to schools, pedestrian safety and transit access. Sidewalk Improvements The FY 2020 Proposed Budget includes funding of $5 million for sidewalk improvements. Of this amount, $4.5 million will address approximately 10.0 miles of sidewalks gaps. An additional $12 million is programmed for sidewalks through the 2017 Bond Program, adding an additional 25.0 miles of sidewalks. In sum, a total of 35.0 miles of sidewalks is scheduled to be added to the San Antonio sidewalk network through the FY 2020 Proposed Budget and the 2017 Bond Program.

Citywide Residential Sidewalk Repair Program The FY 2020 Proposed Budget includes funding of $506,000 for seven positions dedicated to the repair of existing sidewalks. The primary goal of the program is to strategically repair deteriorated sidewalks in a manner that restores the most miles of sidewalks to usability. Using data from a sidewalk condition assessment, sidewalk repair projects will be prioritized, planned and executed primarily within residential neighborhoods across the City. In the first 6 months of operations, this program is anticipated to repair approximately 1.9 miles of sidewalks, which will result in 6.0 miles of usable, safe sidewalks.

Bicycle Program The FY 2020 Proposed Budget includes $1 million for bike projects. This will include the creation of a Micro-mobility Policy Document, the completion of feasibility studies in and around the Downtown/Midtown Regional Center, maintenance to exiting bike lanes, enhanced street maintenance projects by adding bicycle facilities, and resources for bicycle education and outreach activities.