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Together, we are relentlessly focused on the heart of our community. Through the year-round Live Fierce campaign, we celebrate our collective success in driving change, funding science and improving behaviors – no matter where, or how, we gather. That means working every day to help every heart.

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Social Isolation

Social isolation, loneliness linked to worse heart and brain health

There are many ways to combat social isolation, such as joining community groups or finding walking groups. It's time to prioritize our connections with others for better overall health!

These vaccines may also protect your heart

These vaccines may also protect your heart

Vaccinations not only protect against virus-caused diseases such as COVID-19, flu and shingles, but also reduce the risk of heart problems and stroke, according to recent research.

Unlocking the health benefits of turkey

Unlocking the health benefits of turkey

Turkey can be more than just a holiday treat. Learn more about turkey’s nutritional benefits.

blood pressure

Study highlights the dangers of incorrectly sized blood pressure cuffs

Did you know that accurate blood pressure readings depend on well-fitted cuffs? Too small, and you risk high readings. Too large, and hypertension might go undetected

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