Check for the Heart-Check Mark Infographic

Check for the Heart-Check Mark Infographic

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Check for the Heart-Check Mark

The Heart-Check mark is a simple tool to help you Eat Smart.  When you see it, you can be confident that a product aligns with the American Heart Association’s recommendations for an overall healthy eating pattern.

This is some of what it takes to be Heart-Check certified*:

Source of Nutrients –

Beneficial Nutrients (naturally occurring): 10% or more of the Daily Value of 1 of 6 nutrients (vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, protein or dietary fiber)

Limited in Bad Fats –

Saturated Fat: 1g or less per standard serving size and 15% or less calories from saturated fat; Trans Fat: Less than 0.5g per label serving size and per standard serving size. Products containing partially hydrogenated oils are not eligible for certification.

Limited in Sodium –

Sodium: One of four sodium limits applies depending on the particular food category: up to 140 mg, 240 mg or 360 mg per label serving, or 480 mg per label serving and per standard serving size.*

*All requirements listed apply to Standard Certification, see

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Certified Foods in the Grocery Store

Use Heart-Check’s digital grocery list tool when creating your shopping list to make smart, heart-healthy choices easier at the grocery store.

The digital grocery list is updated daily. It’s always ready for your next grocery run!

woman shopper reads Heart-Check certified product list while shopping