What to Wear When You Work Out Infographic

Dress for workout success infographic

Sometimes the right gear can make or break your sweat sesh.  With a few simple tweaks, you can get your wardrobe workout-ready in no time.

Protect Your Skin:

  • Avoid blisters with double-layered athletic socks
  • Wear thin layers with flat seams to reduce chafing
  • Look for UV-blocking clothing, hats and sunglasses

Stay Well-Heeled

  • Get fitted by a professional at an athletic store
  • Give your feet room to swell with a slight larger size than you’d typically wear
  • Choose a shoe based on comfort, not on its construction
  • Replace your shoes when they no longer feel supportive

Be Seen

  • Wear lighter colors to stay visible at dawn and dusk
  • Use reflective clothing, tape and vests
  • Attach LED lights or reflectors to your shoes

Weather Up

  • Choose moisture-wicking fabrics instead of cotton
  • When it’s cold, dress in layers
  • Invest in a lightweight rain jacket with air vents
  • Wear hats, scarves and gloves to keep warmth in

Support Yourself

  • Invest in a sports bra that’s supportive but not too tight
  • Men need support too!  Spring for some breathable athletic underwear

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