Move More Month

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Move More and Make It Count in April during Move More Month 

Throughout the month, we encourage everyone to move more and commit to being physically active. Celebrating Move More Month is fun and easy! We provide a complete toolkit of materials and how-to information for workplaces, schools, individuals and communities. You can choose how you want to participate and customize the experience to fit your needs. 

Follow Healthy for Good on Facebook(link opens in new window) and Twitter(link opens in new window) for a whole month of tips and tricks on how to move more and make it count! Each week, we’ll feature ideas on how you can be physically active anywhere and at any time!

Download the Move More Month Toolkit and celebrate in your workplace, school, community or with your family. Some larger files may take a few minutes to download.

Move More Resources

Four Weekly Articles

Move More Daily Challenges

You can also join us for Eat Smart Month in November to celebrate and promote a healthier eating.