Industry Summit

Hands gesturing over table covered with charts and strategy documents


When we think about what it takes to live as healthy as possible, we recognize that a systems approach is needed to help make that happen. At the American Heart Association, we take systems change seriously, and are working to help inspire companies across the food, beverage, dining and retail industries to use innovation for changes that add up to more nutritious, accessible and affordable options. Change is already happening, but more work is needed. Consumers are demanding healthier offerings, but America’s food system today does not always meet this demand.

We convene an annual Healthier Food Leadership Summit to engage in dialogue with thought leaders from the private sector throughout the food industry. An essential element of the summit is exploring ways for continuously improving the food system, leveraging resources and finding a common agenda. We are constantly exploring how best to leverage synergies and transform communities for success, making a collective impact on the health and wellbeing of all people, by increasing the supply of healthier options and driving demand for those options.