Flint, MI

Our Michigan investments are connecting hungry families with farm-fresh produce and helping find jobs for former inmates and attacking a wide range of urban problems. The Social Impact Fund has been active in Flint since May 2019. The fund has invested in: 


Flint Fresh

Flint Fresh is a food hub that serves as a central location to process and distribute the healthy fruits and vegetables supplied from nearly 40 area farmers.

Flint Fresh logo

M.A.D.E. Institute

M.A.D.E. Institute, which is a social enterprise founded by a person who was incarcerated, aims to end the school-to-prison cycle and reduce recidivism.

MADE institute logo

Urban Renaissance

The Urban Renaissance Center supports socioeconomic empowerment, civic engagement and health and wellness for youth, children and families.  

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Connect with Us

If you’re making a difference in your community and think the Social Impact Fund could help, tell us at Socialimpactfund@heart.org.

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