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Investments here will help a small grocery store with big ambitions for its community; promote a project that uses smart technology to relieve food deserts, and train workers to check blood pressure at local churches.       


CareMessage is a non-profit technology company that uses text messages to help safety-net organizations meet the needs of patients who lack an easy way to track health service appointments and manage all of their medical records. Its comprehensive platform integrates with electronic medical record systems, particularly at Federally Qualified Health Centers and free and charitable clinics. This allows providers to text targeted interventions that reduce costs and improve patient care. Read how over 300 providers in 40 states using CareMessage are impacting more than 5 million patients.

ChiFresh Kitchen

ChiFresh is a worker cooperative food service contractor, owned and managed mostly by Black women who were incarcerated. It sells nutrient-dense meals to institutions serving food-insecure residents on Chicago’s west and south sides. ChiFresh Kitchen helps create wealth and an equitable food system for returning residents so companies led by under-represented racial and ethnic groups meet the needs of their communities. Read more about ChiFresh's work in the community.

News and Updates

Block Club Chicago: October 28, 2020
Co-Op Owned By Formerly Incarcerated Black Women Wins Grant To Bring More Healthy Meals To South And West Sides, By Pascal Sabino

Forty Acres Fresh Market

Forty Acres Fresh Market logoForty Acres operates a small specialty grocery store and delivers food to low-income and elderly residents. It also employs people who have been released from prison. Learn more about this social enterprise addressing food access and food insecurity.

News and Updates

Forty Acres Fresh Market fights "food apartheid" in Chicago, Courtesy CBSNEWS

Jane Addams Resource Corporation

Jane Addams Resource CorporationJane Addams Resource Corporation connects low-income adults and returning residents on the west side of Chicago to careers with family-sustaining wages through free technical manufacturing training and wrap-around services.  Learn more about how the organization trains job seekers, leading to high rates of placement and retention. 


mRelief logomRelief is a Chicago-based social enterprise that accesses SNAP benefits through a multilingual digital platform. Over 425,000 families have used mRelief to unlock over $100 million in SNAP benefits via web, text or voice.  Read about how the end-to-end solution supports families and agencies through the enrollment process.

Sweet Potato Patch

Sweet Potato Patch uses smart technology and GPS tracking systems to deliver healthy food options to people living in urban food deserts on Chicago’s South Side.  It also employs health workers who promote healthy food consumption in public housing communities. Read more about Sweet Potato Patch's program and mission.

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