Chicago, IL

Investments here will help a small grocery store with big ambitions for its community; promote a project that uses smart technology to relieve food deserts, and train workers to check blood pressure at local churches.       

Forty Acres Fresh Market

Forty Acres operates a small specialty grocery store and delivers food to low-income and elderly residents. It also employs people who have been released from prison.

Forty Acres Fresh Market logo

Sweet Potato Patch

Sweet Potato Patch uses smart technology and GPS tracking systems to deliver healthy food options to people living in urban food deserts on Chicago’s South Side.  It also employs health workers who promote healthy food consumption in public housing communities.

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West Side United

West Side United pulls together healthcare providers, educators, the faith community, businesses and government on Chicago’s West Side. The fund is supporting the training of health workers to address the high rates of high blood pressure among parishioners of local churches. 

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