The Social Impact Fund is a nationwide effort, with our first investments in Boston, Chicago, and Flint, Michigan. Future projects will target rural areas and strategic metro areas.

Exterior of apartment complex

Boston, MA

We’re helping end the cycle of homelessness, improving the mental health of fathers, supporting a tech startup that helps nonprofit groups and uninsured people, and more. Downtown Boston

Flint, MI

Our Michigan investments are connecting hungry families with farm-fresh produce and helping find jobs for former inmates and attacking a wide range of urban problems.

People at an urban farmers market

Downtown Chicago

Chicago, IL

Investments here will help a small grocery store with big ambitions for its community; promote a project that uses smart technology to relieve food deserts; and train workers to check blood pressure at local churches.      

What's your Plan? 

We are now looking to make additional investments in Flint and Boston and are accepting submissions of Expressions of Interest.

The investment window runs from Sept. 18 until Dec. 14th.