Power21 Your 21-day health journey

Begin the new year with a heart-healthier you!

It takes 21 days to create a new healthy habit. So for the next 21 days we’ll start each morning with an easy activity to help get your year off to a heart-healthy start. As your ally in good health, we’ll be with you each step of the way!

Beginning January 7th, follow the daily calendar and join your heart community with an easy daily action or activity that creates heart-healthy changes.

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Healthy Living Mix

Week 1

Day 1 Moving (even just a little) improves your heart health. Moving more and sitting less is a great start. How much activity do you need?
Day 2 Have you ever felt hangry (hungry + angry)? Food and mood have an effect on one another. Food and Mood
Day 3 Forget fad diets. Remember, it's the overall pattern of your choices that counts. Learn more about what that means. AHA Diet & Lifestyle Recs
Day 4 Walking as little as 15 minutes a day can lower your chances of heart disease.  Why walk?
Day 5 Catching up on some sleep this weekend? Gratitude could actually help you snooze more or better. ABCs to Catch More Zzzs
Day 6 Looking for a simple way to eat healthy? Check out these serving sizes to get the right balance of nutrition on your plate. Suggested Serving Sizes
Day 7 Try a twist on a traditional side dish with these 6 delicious ingredients. OO Mashed Potatoes

Week 2

Day 8 Got 10 minutes? Boost your heart rate and brain power with this quick home workout. Try the 10-Minute Workout
Day 9 Get crackin with some healthy snackin! Healthy Snacking
Day 10 Having trouble finding energy for your workout? We feel you! Try these tips to keep your energy going strong so you can Move More.
Get Energy
Day 11 Practicing mindfulness and meditation may help you manage stress, high blood pressure, sleep better, and even lower your risk of heart disease. Learn how.
Meditation Boost
Day 12 Treat yourself with a delicious breakfast or snack by subbing this extra creamy smoothie for that sugary latte Banana Bread Smoothie
Day 13 If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try these ways to notch down your stress. Stress and Strain, Body and Brain
Day 14 Old habits can be hard to break, and new habits hard to make, but with these 6 basic steps you can develop new, healthy behaviors that stick. How to Break Bad Habits

Week 3

Day 15 How much sleep do we really need? Sleep Healthy
Day 16 What if you could work out while you work, without having to carve out a big chunk of time? You can! Work Workout
Day 17 Want the taste of fried chicken without the extra saturated fat and calories? Try our healthier take on this classic American favorite. Air Fryer Crispy (Un) Fried Chicken
Day 18 Try these tips for being active with your pet! Healthy Pet Owner Habits
Day 19 Exercise boosts your immunity during cold and flu season. Rake leaves, shovel snow or just take a walk. Learn more. How to Stay Active in the Cold
Day 20 Short on time? These pantry staple ingredients make a quick healthy meal and are easy on the budget. Staple Ingredients for Quick Healthy Meals
Day 21 Keeping a log of your physical activity can help you monitor your progress and celebrate your successes. Make a Plan

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