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Survivor Spotlight: Gail Hogan

Gail collapses despite being young with no previous heart issues.

newscaster Gail Hogan interviewing

"I will never forget the day that I nearly died. I was a young journalist with a great career and starting a family. The only way I found out that I had any type of heart issue was when I went into sudden death."

Her coworkers had been trained in CPR and used it to save her life.

EMS performing CPR

“My coworkers sprung into action because they had recently been trained in life-saving CPR protocols developed by the American Heart Association. They were the ones to keep me alive while the medics came.”

Her treatment plan was based on research funded by the AHA.

Gail Hogan and her husband walk outdoors

“They did many tests on me in the hospital after my cardiac arrest and created a treatment plan. My pacemaker, defibrillator and various surgical procedures have all been developed with research from the American Heart Association, which makes it pretty personal.”

The Impact of the American Heart Association

Every dollar you give helps save lives through:

  • Innovative research and medical breakthroughs such as the artificial heart valve
  • Improving quality of care in hospitals in your community
  • Training of more than 22 million people annually in lifesaving CPR
  • Education that helps people prevent, detect and treat high blood pressure
  • Instilling heart-healthy lifestyle for more than 20 million children at 30,000 schools each year

And she’s still here.

“Since my cardiac arrest, I’ve had two more children. I’ve watched all three of my children grow into adulthood, graduate from college, my daughter got married. I have grandchildren — and I’m still here.”

—Gail, Heart Disease Survivor

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