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Spend this season with a heart-healthier you!

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Your 21-day Health Journey

What better time to focus on your own well-being? Did you know mental well-being is closely linked to heart health? That’s why for the next 21 days we’ll text an easy activity to center, nourish or get you moving for a heart-healthy season. As your ally in good health, we’ll be with you each step of the way!

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Healthy Hearts & Minds Summer Tips

Week 1

Day 1

We know bad habits can be hard to break, but have you ever heard of "habit stacking" — building a healthier lifestyle by incrementally adding positive habits to your daily routine?

Try these tips.

Day 2

When summer temps are high and your energy is low, you may need help staying active.

Keep cool.

Day 3

Splash into summer with AHA's top 7 swimming safety tips.

Be water safe.

Day 4

Even Fridays can feel stressful, but chronic stress can be a killer if it's happening every day of every week.

Try these 6 stress busters to help stress less this summer.

Day 5

Question: What are the 8 most important factors for cardiovascular health?


Day 6

AHA's homemade frozen yogurt bark recipe is a cool snack perfect for hot summer days.

Taste summer.

Day 7

Let's try disconnecting to find "JOMO" or the joy of missing out! It's a real thing.

Learn more.

Week 2

Day 8

It's a great day for habit stacking - to tie (and eventually, stack) tiny but beneficial new habits onto your old ones every day.

Try these tips.

Day 9

Summer vacations are back! Take these 7 healthy habits on your summer road trip.

Hit the road!

Day 10

Can you tell the difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke?

Learn the symptoms of both.

Day 11

Did you know research suggests that women may feel some effects of stress differently than men.

Women and stress.

Day 12

Sleep apnea isn't a fancy name for snoring. It can bring about life-threatening consequences.

Learn how.

Day 13

Try this trio of berry flavors with a hint of nuttiness to brighten your day. It’s a super simple shake to make and chock full of nutrients.

Triple Berry Smoothie.

Day 14

What if someone nearby needs CPR? You can help save a life and still stay safe from COVID-19 by learning Hands-Only CPR.

Hands-only CPR.

Week 3

Day 15

Setbacks are normal when changing old habits, so don't get discouraged if you don't hit your goals right away. These tips can help keep your momentum going.

Try these tips.

Day 16

Feeling lonely? You’re not the only one. Study after study confirms that so many of us struggle to connect with others. Here are 7 tips to connect and overcome loneliness.

Learn more.

Day 17

Do you like to sleep late on the weekends to catch up on your zzz's? Ever feel like you're not getting enough during the week?

Try these tips to get more and better sleep.

Day 18

Did you know walking, running, dancing, and even hula-hooping can be done mindfully as a form of meditation?

Be mindful.

Day 19

Weekend naps are the best! Research has shown that, even among adults, naps provide many benefits to help you make it through the day.

Learn how to nap right.

Day 20

This no-cook cold soup makes an easy, refreshing, and delicious appetizer or side on a hot summer day.

Cool off.

Day 21

Feeling thirsty when you’re out in the heat? You could already be dehydrated. Here are tips to hydrate whether you’re active or relaxing in the sun


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