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Together, we are relentlessly focused on the heart of our community. Through the year-round Heart Ball campaign, we celebrate our collective success in driving change, funding science and improving behaviors – no matter where, or how, we gather. That means taking our efforts beyond the table, working every day to help every heart.

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Study: Intensive BP treatment could reduce risk of dementia

Intensive blood pressure treatment has been shown to clear brain toxins in recent research. This could reduce the risk of dementia.

Intensive BP treatment
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Study: Social factors may surpass genetics in assessing stroke risk

A recent study suggests that social factors — in this case, where people live — may surpass genetic factors in assessing stroke risk.

Research counts the steps to longer life

The magic number isn’t 10,000. Adding only 500 to 1,000 steps to your daily routine could reduce your risk of dying, according to new research.

Research counts the steps to longer life
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