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Help us ensure everyone in North Dakota has the opportunity to live longer, healthier lives.
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Leading with Survivors

As a fitness instructor and active walker, Sheila never thought a heart attack was possible. Looking back, Sheila now realizes that the warning signs were there… she just didn’t listen to them. Now, Sheila shares her story to tell women everywhere to take their heart health seriously and to listen to their hearts.

Award-Winning Heart & Stroke Care

Award-Winning Heart & Stroke Care

Every patient deserves access to high-quality heart and stroke care, regardless of where they live. Each year, the American Heart Association recognizes hospitals across the country for consistently following up-to-date, research-based treatment guidelines for cardiovascular disease.

Caring for stroke survivors

PAC stroke

More than 90% of stroke patients experience disability as a result and more than 11% suffer a second stroke within a year. A new American Heart Association and Helmsley Charitable Trust initiative aims to ensure all patients have the best chance at an independent life after stroke.

Help Others Survive Heart Disease & Stroke

You’re invited to be part of the next big breakthrough. Thanks to the power of supporters like you in our first 100 years, we’ve changed the way the world thinks about heart disease and stroke with advancements like the pacemaker and artificial heart valve. Donate now to get 2X MATCHED and help discover the next breakthrough in a new century of lifesaving.
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In Your Community

The American Heart Association is committed to driving equitable health impact in North Dakota through five key priority areas: women, readiness, tobacco and vaping, patients, and healthy living. Equity is always at the center of our work, and it will continue to guide all that we do.

Through our focus on these key impact areas, and with collaboration among local organizations, sponsors, businesses, and others that serve the community, we are working to improve the health and well-being of North Dakota citizens while saving and improving countless lives.

Throughout the state of North Dakota, we’ve seen our community impact work grow, including efforts around creating avenues for greater access to care, expanding healthy food access and education, building a network of first responders through CPR kits in schools, supporting blood pressure screenings and education, and educating on the dangers of tobacco and vaping.

People are counting on us as never before. We at the American Heart Association, along with our supporters, will drive change, and we will be relentless. Thank you for your continued support.

ND Rural Health

For more than 40 years, Advocacy has had a mission-critical role in the American Heart Association's work. Our legislative and regulatory priorities help to mitigate risk factors and protect survivors in communities across the country. We support the enactment of evidence-based public policies that lead to longer, healthier lives.

Public policy advocacy is an essential strategy used by the Association to affect necessary and sustainable policy, system and environmental changes that help North Dakota citizens build healthier lives free of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

Our efforts in North Dakota and its communities are focused on the following policy areas: Tobacco and Vaping, Access to Care, Medicaid Expansion, and Hypertension Prevention and Control.


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