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A relentless force for longer, healthier lives in our community.

Imagine a Charlotte where healthy choices are equitable and accessible, where your zip code does not determine your health. Across our community, we are fighting for longer lives by making the places where we live, learn, work, play, pray and heal as healthy as they can be.

We are committed to improving lives by removing barriers and strengthening our cardiac safety net, addressing food insecurity, lack of healthier environments, and access to quality health care. Collectively, we are working to impact the complex problems preventing better health for residents of Greater Charlotte.

Nearly 1 in 3 adults in Mecklenburg County have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, enough to fill Bank of America Stadium over four times.

Do you know where you stand?

In America, 116.4 million adults have high blood pressure - and too many have no idea. Left undiagnosed, the condition can lead to heart attack or stroke. Help stop the “Silent Killer” by getting checked and making a generous gift to help a loved one in need.

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Commit to a healthy future, and together let's build the health of Charlotte.

A Culture of Health & Wellness

Everyone deserves the best possible life, and it starts right here in our community.

Healthy Charlotte is BACK!

Are you doing your part to keep the Queen City healthy?  Healthy Charlotte, a popular coalition of leaders and organizations dedicated to the health and wellbeing of our city, is back in action and we need your help! Learn about the “refresh” of this important initiative and how you can get involved to improve your health and the health of your friends, family and workforce.

Healthy Charlotte
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Helping Latino families eat healthy at home

Latinos in Charlotte have been impacted disproportionately by COVID-19. Financial hardships, lack of access to healthy foods, and shelter-in-place guidelines have made things worse. Nutrition is a critical component for our Promotores de Salud initiative, so we’re working alongside Camino Community Center(link opens in new window) and Catholic Diocese of Charlotte(link opens in new window) to determine how to meet their needs. Blue Cross of NC and other corporate supporters are providing virtual classes, financial support for food pantries, and four tons of produce.

CPR training is critical for hospital systems during COVID-19

200,000 cardiac arrests happen in hospitals each year with a less-than 25% survival rate. Growing the number of healthcare professionals trained in CPR will save lives. Luckily, our Resuscitation Quality Improvement (RQI) program improves staff’s competency, while reducing administrative costs. Local hospitals using the “We Can Help” program to train staff during social distancing has improved their skills and readiness.

Medical professionals practicing Hands Free CPR with a dummy
Older Black woman holding her hand to her forehead in pain

Yes, hospitals are safe!

Heart attacks and strokes don’t stop for COVID-19, but reports show ER visits are down 40-50% nationwide. Around half of Hispanics and Blacks say they fear going to the hospital for heart attack or stroke during the pandemic. This could be devastating for those who need quality care fast. So know this: Hospitals are still the safest place for treatment when experiencing a heart attack or stroke.

Providing assistance for those in need

Thanks to a partnership between the American Heart Association and Blue Cross NC, $30,000 in community health mini-grants were awarded to local groups. Three of these are funding relief efforts in our community during the COVID-19 pandemic. The awards promote sustainable policy and systems changes, and focus on access to healthy food, nutrition education, telehealth, protective measures for healthcare staff, and blood pressure self-management for under-resourced communities.

Kim and Evelyn

Kim Henderson

System Chief of Staff to CEO, Novant Health

“I have been involved with the Charlotte Circle of Red for over a decade now. My reason for joining is to help raise awareness for all women in my circle of influence. Cardiac disease has affected my family in various ways, including my own personal scare several years ago. Because of the AHA, I knew something wasn’t right and was able to take action. I pray that I can help make a difference by raising awareness for future generations of women, especially for my daughter Evelyn.”

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