Minnesota Advocacy

top half of a capitol building

Controlling Youth Access to Nicotine

We joined coalition efforts to get a Minnesota state law passed making 21 the legal age to purchase tobacco products strengthening the enforcement of the federal law. This law will prevent nearly 30,000 Minnesota youth from ever using tobacco. We continue to work with local and county governments to ban flavored tobacco products which disproportionately target youth and communities of color. We also provided resources to schools, students and parents on preventing teen vaping.

Healthy Food Access & Reducing Sugary Drinks

We headed up the creation of the Minnesotans for Healthy Kids Coalition which led efforts to create the Good Food Access Fund to provide grants to local food enterprises to improve food access. Now we are working with schools to increase water-refilling stations and with local sports organizations to eliminate sugary drinks as well as small businesses and local governments to improve the healthy options in their vending. We are also advocating for a statewide policy that would require restaurants to offer water and milk as the default beverage options for kids' meals.

Blood Pressure, Cholesterol & Diabetes Management

We are working with local Federally Qualified Health Centers to offer mini-grants to provide programs and tools to help their patients most in need to manage their blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes including translating materials to meet our communities’ needs. We also placed blood pressure kiosks in the Division of Indian Work in Minneapolis and Hmong Village in St. Paul to provide direct access to two populations especially impacted by high blood pressure.

CPR for Everyone

The past couple years we passed legislation that requires all students in Minnesota to learn Hands-Only CPR before graduation. This means 60,000 lifesavers are being trained each year. We also passed a state law that requires all 911 dispatchers are trained to coach someone through Hands-Only CPR if needed in an emergency.