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Our goal: To collectively shape the food environment within our walls, in an effort to positively impact the health of our employees, our patients, and our communities.  

The nutritional choices we make each day have a tremendous impact on long-term health. It’s no surprise that American’s diets are not good. Research from the American Heart Association indicates about 2% enjoy an “ideal diet” for cardiovascular health.

Yet we also know that choices are heavily influenced by our environment – that the food and beverage options available where we live, work, and play can serve a barrier, or more positively, a gateway, to better health. 

We recognize that a myriad of considerations and factors shape our food environment, but we also believe that healthcare has a unique responsibility to lead by example in influencing healthy behavior. We are proud that improvements have been made, but we know there are future opportunities to be a force for change.

As leaders in healthcare in Southeastern Wisconsin, the Coalition for Healthier Hospitals will seek to make the healthy choice, the easy choice for our employees, our patients, and our communities.  Together we have both the power and responsibility to drive change. 

Therefore, we will work together to leverage, where possible:

  • Best practice sharing and policy alignment
  • Our cumulative purchasing and influencing power
  • Nutrition education efforts.


Harvest of the Month - a collaborative effort to systematically introduce our community to seasonally appropriate produce in new and tasty ways! View resources and calendar for the Harvest of the Month Initiative. 


Healthy Workplace Food and Beverage Toolkit

For more information contact Tim Nikolai, Sr. Community Impact Director, American Heart Association at 414.227.1418 or [email protected].