Improving Nutrition Security in Toledo

Improving Nutrition Security

1 in 10 people in America are not getting enough food or nutrients they need. COVID-19 has amplified this need by making it harder for many to afford or access healthy foods. Some people living in disproportionately affected communities may live in areas without convenient access to a grocery store or have to take multiple buses to go to the nearest grocery store. This makes eating healthy extremely inconvenient, if not impossible. 

Here in Toledo, the American Heart Association is hard at work through our Heart Ball to help address and improve nutrition security. Our first major victory came in April 2021, when the Toledo City Council voted to approve a measure that will make health drinks (water, low-fat milk and 100% fruit juice) the default options offered with restaurant kids’ meals. City council makes healthy drinks the default option for kids' meals in Toledo WTOL11 news story.

Additionally, the Association has worked with local organizations and schools to implement three community gardens this year that will provide both learning opportunities and fresh produce to individuals and children in underserved communities. Learn more about our Teaching Gardens network.

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