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Get With The Guidelines® - AFIB

Get With The Guidelines® - AFIB is designed to assist hospital care teams in consistently providing the latest evidence-based treatment for their AFib patients. At the same time, it offers a means of monitoring the quality of AFib care in U.S. hospitals and building a database for continued research and further quality improvement.
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Great Rivers Affiliate: Quality & Systems Improvement Team:

Abby Loechler, MPH
Sr. Director - Eastern Ohio
Alex Kuhn
Sr. Director

Amy Graham, RN, BS, CEN, NREMT-P 
Director, Western Ohio and Northern

Crystal Glodek, BSN, RN
Director, Central and Northern

Cynthia Keely, BA, RRT, LRTR
Director, West Virginia and 

Gina Hrach, MSN, RN, MBA
Director, Western Pennsylvania

Kelly Macheska, BSN, RN
Vice President, Quality and Systems Improvement
Great Rivers Affiliate

Tawny Jackson, BS
Director, Southeastern Pennsylvania and Delaware