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Building a culture of health across Florida

Florida is home. Paradise. It truly is the Sunshine State. We're not all from here, but our warm winters, palm trees, and pristine beaches have brought us together from all over the world. We're the third most populous state in the union. We're southern and tropical. We're rural and urban. And we’re colorful. Our histories and beliefs and lifestyles are diverse. That same diversity has created pockets of unfortunate health disparities. Our high school graduation rate is well below the U.S. average, and our uninsured rate is shockingly high. Despite being a wealthy state, we have high levels of poverty, income inequality, diabetes, and physical inactivity. But hope is knocking on our shores! We're tackling the social and environmental factors hurting our health most. It’s a long road ahead, and we're better when our hearts beat as one, so let's join forces and build a healthier tomorrow.

Health Measurements

Donate HeartPercent of adults with...
High Blood Pressure: 34.3%
High Cholesterol: 41.9%
Diabetes: 12.5%
Heart Disease: 5.5%

Lifestyle Risk Factors

Donate HeartPercent of adults who...
Don't exercise: 27%
Are overweight (BMI over 25): 68.7%
Smoke cigarettes: 22.3%
Don't eat enough fruits and veggies: 79.7%

Our state

woman sitting on grass doing yoga

Healthy For Good

You don’t need a guilt trip. We know you know. You want to be healthy... for good. And we’re here to help inspire you to create lasting change in your health and your life, one small step at a time. The approach is simple: Eat smart. Add color. Move more. Be well. Get Healthy For Good.

Focus on Quality

Patient outcomes improve when medical professionals apply the most up-to-date, evidence-based treatment guidelines. That’s the simple truth behind the obsession with continuous quality improvement. Our entire suite of programs can help advance your efforts farther and faster in the quest for ever-better care.

Get With the Guidelines

Closing Equity Gaps

EmPOWERED To Serve is a movement inspired by multicultural volunteers around the country who are passionate about driving change through health justice in their communities. These committed ambassadors are closing gaps in health equity through advocacy, policy, education, and social change.

Blood Pressure Screening
Target BP
Blood Pressure Screening

Blood Pressure

Know your numbers.

Stress on your blood vessels from high blood pressure can lead to heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and other serious health threats. Get the latest information about managing your blood pressure!

Target BP

For Professionals

Target: BP

The AHA and AMA joined forces with the launch of Target: BP™ to support physicians and care teams. We can track and maintain blood pressure goals for our patients by offering access to the latest research, tools, and resources.

Florida Capital

State Policy Win

To improve stroke care in the state, we fought to establish a statewide stroke registry that requires all hospitals in Florida to report their data. 

Advocate for a healthier Florida

Funding Florida Researchers

Research is a pillar of the American Heart Association’s lifesaving mission. Over the past 10 years, we’ve awarded 292 grants totaling $38.3 million to Florida area researchers in the ongoing quest to understand, improve, and treat cardiovascular disease and stroke. The results will assist doctors, hospitals, and other institutions to save lives in our own backyard and across the world.

Scientist peering into microscope
Support Network

Support Network™

Life is hard, but you're not alone. We're all in this together, right? Learn from locals like you or help others going through a tough time. Explore the chat forums, read survivor stories, seek and receive support. Because it's okay to lean on others who have been there too.

CPR Trainings

Emergencies leave us feeling helpless, but they don’t have to. Take two minutes to learn Hands-Only CPR™ now. 70 percent of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happen in homes. When a person has a cardiac arrest, immediate CPR can double or triple their chance of survival. Prepare to save a life, find a CPR course near you today.

man performing CPR on CPR manikin

Why Cholesterol Matters

There are few warning signs of high cholesterol, but the impact is real. By lowering your cholesterol, you'll reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. Take control today. Manage your cholesterol levels by making healthy lifestyle choices and following a sound medical treatment plan.

Go Red For Women™

Go Red For Women encourages awareness of the issue of women and heart disease, and also action to save more lives. The movement harnesses the energy, passion and power women have to band together and collectively wipe out heart disease. Know your risk and receive tools to live a heart-healthy life.

diverse group of women in red dresses
man meditating

Improving the Health of Local Employees

On average, we spend more than half of our waking hours at work. That's why we've teamed up with local businesses to create a more physically active, health-conscious culture in the office. If you can't be healthy at work, then your boss needs to know.

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Mission Advancement

Why I Support the AHA

“The work of the American Heart Association universally helps people from all walks of life and economic situations improve their daily lives. It brings me great pleasure to know that my volunteer and financial support efforts with the AHA over the past decade are helping to break the silence about the devastating impact heart disease and stroke is having on our families and our communities.”

–Martin Davis, an American Heart Association donor

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Regional leadership

2018-2019 Greater Southeast Affiliate Board of Directors


Robert Sanchez, M.D., FACC
St. Petersburg, Florida
Cardiologist, The Health and Vascular Institute


Sally Jackson
Cape Coral, Florida


James Kirklin, M.D.
Birmingham, Alabama
Professor of Surgery, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Director, Kirklin Institute for Research in Surgical Outcomes (KIRSO)
Department of Surgery, UAB/University of Alabama at Birmingham


Marlin Hutchens
Orlando, Florida
Chief Global Officer, SMI Corporation


Marcella Roberts, Esq
Birmingham, Alabama
Vice President of Development, Hollyhand Development, LLC


Andre McShan, M.D.
Lincoln, Alabama
Medical Director, St. Vincent's at Honda Manufacturing


Kevin Maher, M.D.
Atlanta, Georgia
Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Emory School of Medicine
Director, Cardiac Intensive Care
Co-Director, Center for Pediatric Innovation
Clinical Director, Center for Pediatric Nanomedicine
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta


J. Donald Fancher
Atlanta, Georgia
Senior Partner, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, LLP


Stephanie Anderson, CPA, MBA
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Executive VP/COO of Woman's Hospital

Shelly Church, CFP
Naples, Florida
Senior Vice President, Investments, Raymond James

Angel M. Davila, M.D., FACEP, ABDA
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Emergency Room Medical Director, HIMA San Pablo Cupey

David Dill
Brentwood, Tennessee
President and COO, LifePoint

Jeff Eakins
Tampa, Florida
Superintendent, Hillsborough County Public Schools

Kiersten Espaillat, DNP, APN
Nashville, Tennessee
Stroke Coordinator, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Charles Griffin
Ridgeland, Mississippi
Attorney, Butler Snow LLP

Michael Griffin
Altamonte Springs, Florida
Vice President of Advocacy and Public Policy, Adventist Health System

Kathleen Kennedy, PharmD
New Orleans, Louisiana
Professor & Dean, College of Pharmacy at Xavier University Louisiana

Rhonda Mims
Tampa, Florida
Senior Vice President, Public Affairs

Dharmesh Patel, M.D.
Memphis, Tennessee
Cardiologist, Stern Cardiovascular Foundation

Priscilla E. Pemu, M.D., MSCR, FACP
Atlanta, Georgia
Professor, Vice Chair (Research) Department of Medicine
Medical Director, Clinical Research Center
Morehouse School of Medicine

Pamela R. Rama, M.D.
Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Cardiologist, Baptist Heart Specialists

Frank Scholl, M.D.
Hollywood, Florida
Chief, Pediatric & Congenital Heart Surgery
Chief, Pediatric Heart Institute
Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

Rebecca M. Sugg, M.D., FAHA
Jackson, Mississippi
Interventional Vascular Neurologist
Director, University of Mississippi Medical Center Comprehensive Stroke Center
Departments of Neurology, Neurosurgery, Radiology and Surgery

James Weyhenmeyer, Ph.D.
Atlanta, Georgia
Vice President, Research and Economic Development
Professor, Neuroscience and Biology, Georgia State University

Keith Wolken
Nashville, Tennessee
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, SMS Holdings Corporation