Dr. Kusum Lata, Cardiologist. Learn more about Dr. Lata’s involvement with Go Red for Women

Woman in her kitchen, smiling in a red dress, chopping healthy fruits and vegetablesWho do you Go Red For ?
Doctors have similar rates of chronic illness and have the same preventive health needs as the general community. However, working in a high stress field and lacking time for personal care are some of the important barriers in achieving adequate and appropriate self-care for physicians. This year, I would like to "Go Red"  for my colleague physicians. My sincere request to them is to set aside at least 30 minutes a day for self-care.
In addition, everything starts at "home".  A healthy family will give a healthy community and healthy society. Introduce a healthy lifestyle early on to your kids. 

How do you prioritize self-care?
There is never enough time to do everything you want or need to do. Self-care is equally important as providing physical care. Giving yourself the attention, compassion, time, and energy that you deserve is self-care and not selfishness. Prioritize your day and weeks ahead of time and keep some time for yourself on a daily basis.

Don't rush, make yourself a priority, avoid people pleasing habits, personal interactions as a mode of communication, explore your own identity and value it. Laughter, Live and Love!

What do you want women to know about heart disease and stroke?
In 2009, only 54% of women were aware that cardiovascular diseases are their leading cause of death, since then the curve seemed to be plateaued. Awareness, early screening and appropriate medical attention are tools to reduce the pervasiveness of cardiovascular disease in women.