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Person Rising Hands Forming Heart Silhouette
Person Rising Hands Forming Heart Silhouette

Culture of Health

The American Heart Association is a science-based organization and during this challenging time. We want you to know we continue our work in fighting heart diseases and stroke, the No. 1 and No. 5 killers of all Americans. We are doing so with everyone’s health and safety in mind as we carry out our mission of being a relentless force for longer, healthier lives.

Show You Have Denver at Heart


As a member of the community, you have an important role to play in helping to improve the long-term health of our city.

Fight the No. 1 Cause of Cardiovascular Disease

One way your gift helps save lives is through healthy eating programs, since poor nutrition is a leading cause of cardiovascular disease.

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Mental Health

Feelings of stress, anxiety, uneasiness and lack of sleep can make it difficult to function normally. Mental health and physical health are closely linked, so finding ways to combat and manage stress in the (virtual) workplace and exercise while working remotely. 

Move More

Take time to switch up our workout regimen, which can help to boost our immune system, help relieve mental stress and improve overall health. Here is a quick easy way to create an At-Home Circuit Workout. Do each exercise in short bursts and repeat the circuit two to three times.

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Eat Healthy

We know that many of you may be cooking more at home right now. While some may find the thought of cooking stressful, making healthy meals is a great way to protect your heart. The American Heart Association has resources to fit all skillsets starting with how to cook healthier at home. For those wishing to improve their abilities, there’s an entire section dedicated to cooking techniques.

Cooking at Home

Advocate for Heart Health

You're the Cure is working within our community to empower citizens to take informed action on local and state policies, and champion policies and laws that help people avoid unhealthy practices and create safer communities. Our advocates are addressing critical healthcare concerns by advocating for policies that can improve access and boost the quality and value of care.

Blood Pressure

Creating A Culture of Health in Denver

We are working to weave healthy living practices and opportunities into our communities. From teaming up with city leaders to support more walking and biking routes, to driving initiatives that make healthier food options available in all neighborhoods, to providing our kids with more opportunities to be active in school – we are making it easier to be healthy where we live, work and play.

In Our Community

Colorado leads the country in teen e-cigarette use. In fact, 26.2 percent of Colorado teens have reported using e-cigarettes, nearly twice the national average. From 2017-2018, e-cigarette usage rose by 78 percent for high school students and 48 percent for middle school students. Studies have shown that youth who start smoking e-cigarettes are four times more likely to be smoking traditional cigarettes a year later.

AHA Colorado is working to combat youth e-cigarette use through public policy approaches and educational campaigns. The AHA is working with organizations, health partners, cities and the state legislature on a variety of ways to limit youth e-cigarette use including: helping to raise the legal tobacco age to 21, increasing regulations and taxes on tobacco products, limiting locations where e-cigarettes may be used, and working to ban flavored nicotine products.

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