Vicki and John Crum

Houston, Texas | 1924 Circle
Vicki and John Crum

The mantra “Everyone has a heart” drives Vicki and John Crum’s passion for heart health. John, a former executive for a large oil and gas company, understands the impact of healthcare costs for employers. In 2012, he was invited by a business partner to be a company champion and join the City Wide Executive Challenge at the 2012 Houston Heart Walk.

Through their involvement, they have learned about the AHA’s resources and tools for employers and have been instrumental in introducing other business leaders to the program. John and Vicki are also passionate about eliminating food disparities in Houston, and beyond. They want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to eat a heart healthy diet.

Vicki and John have a personal connection to heart disease: John’s father recently passed away, but his life was extended for many years thanks to his pacemaker. The Crums also have lost several friends to cardiac conditions, including a friend who did not receive CPR. These tragedies inspired them to support CPR efforts in their community and to host trainings for family and friends. They also recently funded the first Go Red For Women CPR Kiosk in the country.

In five years, John and Vicki have made a tremendous impact. John served as chair of the Men Go Red For Women Society and joined the local board of directors. John and Vicki also co-chaired Houston’s 2017 Go Red For Women Luncheon, leading the campaign to its most successful year.

Spring 2018