Guidelines for Use of Recipes

General Guidelines

The American Heart Association Consumer Publications Department will review the recipes you wish to use. They may offer similar recipes from our more recent publications. Once the final list of recipes has been agreed to, Consumer Publications will send approved copies of the recipes to the requestor.

  • Requestor must print a copyright notice, attribution, and citation, which the AHA will provide, with every recipe.
  • Requestor must print Nutrition Analysis information, which the AHA will provide, with every recipe. Requestor must print the corresponding cookbook cover image, which the AHA will provide, with the recipes.
  • Requestor must provide a proposed layout of how the recipes will be used. Consumer Publications will review the layout and proofread all recipes prior to publication.
  • Requestor will make all necessary corrections prior to publication. If the requestor plans to publish the recipes at various times throughout the year, requestor must provide a copy of the publication schedule to the AHA.
  • Requestor must send 2 copies of the final product to Consumer Publications for their files.


  • Recipes—If the request is approved, the requestor must pay a processing fee of $50.00 per request and a fee of $100.00 per recipe requested to the AHA before final permission will be granted.

Permission Will Not Be Granted For The Following Requests

Reproduction of recipes in any electronic format. This includes posting on Internet sites, Intranet sites, CD-ROMs, etc. Requestor must agree to use the AHA material in print only.

  • Translation of recipes.
  • Use of more than 6 recipes per requestor/publication within a 12-month period.
  • Copying or use of ANY photographs of AHA recipes.