Rashan Ali,

Rashan Ali "Music is such a healing and beautiful language. Melodies and lyrics married to seep deeply into our souls, wherever we are. Self-care is personal and presents itself in a myriad of ways. These songs helped me "remix" my self-care practices to reclaim my mental health because of the way they landed on my heart in its time of need. Artistry is unique to each of us in whichever way we choose to express it. I am grateful that artists invite us into their world which, in turn, invites them into ours,"  Rashan Ali @rashanali
Song Artist
Collide Tiana Major9
Gratitude Londrelle
Morning Asana Londrelle
Coffee Kelly Rowland
John Redcorn Sir
Ready 2 Go Tiffany Gouche
Hold On The Internet
Pressure Ari Lennox
We Made It HER
Find A Way HER
Young woman on beach listening to Music

Reclaim your Rhythm

All month long we’re celebrating Black artists and the ways music can inspire us to live longer and healthier! Get information and resources to reclaim control of your heart health and mental well-being at reclaimyourrhythm.heart.org.

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