Sunbury Community Impact Grant


The American Heart Association wishes to extend an opportunity for making a difference in Sunbury, PA. Within this webpage, you will find all the information needed to learn, apply, and potentially be granted a funding opportunity up to $2,500. These projects are encouraged, but not limited, to focusing on:

  1. Improving Nutrition Security
  2. Ending E-Cigarette and Tobacco Use
  3. Controlling Blood Pressure

We are looking for innovative projects that address social determinants of health and work to increase the consumption of healthy foods, decrease tobacco, vaping, and e-cigarette use and increase access to blood pressure screenings and education that can be tied to health outcomes in the underserved populations.

After submission of your application, your project will be reviewed by a team of American Heart Association Staff who will then determine the recipients of the funding opportunity. If there are any outstanding questions, please contact Nicholas Ide, Community Impact Director located in Sunbury, PA at [email protected]

Improving Nutrition Security

Improve nutrition security and healthy food access through innovative and effective community collaborations, environmental and programmatic interventions, and targeted focus on the most affected food deserts. A program with measurable impact would need to change the landscape of food choices available to consumers and demonstrate how the program is sustainable and/or replicable. 

Ending E-Cigarette and Tobacco Use

Implementation of evidence-based programs and interventions that drive policy, system and environmental changes to decrease access to and use of combustible tobacco and electronic vaping products. Special consideration will be given to tobacco control and prevention efforts and regulation that are targeted and tailored to at-risk populations, including youth and adolescents, those who live in rural areas, racial and ethnic groups with high tobacco use, those with mental health conditions, those with less education and low income, and those who identify as LGBTQIA+.

Controlling Blood Pressure

Blood pressure control proposals should be evidence-based hypertension management programs that utilize blood pressure monitoring to empower patients/participants in underserved populations to take ownership of their cardiovascular health. Programs should focus on increasing awareness of the connection between high blood pressure (HBP) and the risk of heart attack and stroke, drive innovative approaches for HBP management and increase the number of people controlling their blood pressure to acceptable levels. Acceptable levels for blood pressure are less than 140/90mmHg.

  • Applicants must have 501(c)(3) status or have a partner 501(c)(3) organization that agrees to be the fiscal agent for the grant. Collaborative applications with local, state or federal agencies are encouraged.
  • Priority will be given to proposals that promote systemic change through strong, outcome-focused initiatives (including, but not limited to, community collaborations, environmental and programmatic interventions, and policy advocacy) that target communities most burdened by a limited access to healthy food, increased tobacco usage and high blood pressure rates.
  • Awards may be used for new initiatives that are unique and innovative, or for the expansion or continuation of already successful projects or initiatives.
  • Length of proposed project: 12 months
  • Funding available: opportunities up to $2,500. Limited to two projects per site (one per year).
  • Geographic region: limitations to projects within the 17801 and 17788 Zip Codes

  • Nicholas Ide, Community Impact Director - Sunbury
  • Tamara Ramer, Community Impact Director - NEPA
  • Lisa Neff, Senior Community Impact Director – Eastern States
  • Ashley Schade, Regional VP of Development – PA
  • Meghan Gagorik – Development Director - NEPA