Heart Club 101

No matter your interests or major, Heart Club is for you! Gain leadership experience and career insights, grab attention with this experience on your resume, develop your marketing and project management skills, earn community service hours all while making a positive impact on your heart and the collective wellbeing of your community.

2023 National Teen of Impact Winner, Paige Levine, with a friend

Club Pillars


Happy young woman sitting at home office desk, contemplating her New Year's resolutions and writing them in a diary.

Build up your personal network and develop practical skills that bridge the gap between education and real-world applications.


Three college students volunteering and handing out water

Be a changemaker for your school and community through hands on activities including advocacy and volunteering.


Close up of young people in a crowd smiling and dancing with their hands in the air

Acquire the skills to organize, publicize and host a fundraiser. Select from a variety of platforms for a customizable experience.


A young woman stretching in the sunshine at the beach

Promote awareness of the connections between the mind, body, and heart. Learn and share practical skills to be well and stay well.

Club Requirements

We know you are busy! Heart Club has been designed with a flexible framework allowing each club to have autonomy on when and how often to convene. Here are the requirements needed to maintain a club charter each year:

  • One faculty/staff advisor
  • A minimum of five members
  • At least four officers: president, vice president, treasurer and secretary
  • Complete one experience under each pillar:
    Leadership, Impact, Wellbeing and Fundraising
  • Submit a reflection survey at the end of each year

How to Start a Club

Club Starter Guide coming soon! Check back in August.


FAQ coming soon! Check back in August.