Get to Know Your Mitral Valve Better

As a mitral valve patient, you can be your own best advocate. Talk to your health care team and make sure you understand your condition and feel empowered to work with your doctors for your best mitral valve care. 
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Start the Conversation

When you have a mitral valve condition, you may not always think of all the questions you should or could ask. That’s totally normal, and it’s why we’ve created the Mitral Valve Patient Checklist. It’s a list of questions you can use to start a conversation with your doctor and take notes. It’s also a great tool if you haven’t checked in with your specialist in a long time.

Mitral Valve Patient Checklist

Be your own best advocate for mitral valve care. Use these conversation starters as ideas for how to talk to your cardiologist or surgeon about creating your own mitral valve plan.

Know Every Beat of Your Mitral Valve

When understanding a mitral valve condition, doctors will monitor patient care. Never hesitate to communicate with the doctor. Whether it is a degenerative disease, regurgitation, or stenosis, always talk about any new symptoms or concerns.

Mitral Valve Repair: Learn More

When discussing your mitral valve care goals, your doctor may have suggested various treatments, including mitral valve repair—the recommended treatment for degenerative mitral valve disease. The American Heart Association and the Mitral Foundation administer a joint recognition program to recognize outstanding repair centers in the U.S. We welcome you to learn more about the procedure and those performing it.