Certified Professional by the American Heart Association (CPAHA)
Physician on smart phone for telehealth visit.

The gold standard tradition of certification for high-quality health care organizations is now available to individual professionals. Display your dedication to telehealth excellence by completing your certification journey. 


This certification offers a framework for evaluating health care professionals interested in demonstrating their commitment to telehealth.  Certification provides validation that an individual has followed the American Heart Association’s rigorous, science-backed requirements.

Telehealth as a method of care delivery can transform the health care system.
Patient in telehealth appointment with HCP

How Patients Benefit

  • Assurance that patient care is at the heart of the certification.
  • Knowledge that the health care professional can provide expert services using evaluation criteria supported by American Heart Association science.
  • Opportunity for more effective, accessible and efficient care, particularly for those who otherwise lack access to quality health care.

How Health Care Professionals Benefit

  • Validation of a level of expertise that only the American Heart Association can offer.
  • Possibility of more patient referrals, professional recognition and increased salary.
  • Enhanced credibility and the personal satisfaction of providing your patients with the best possible care via telehealth.
  • Certificate and graphic suitable for display.
  • Branding guidelines provided by the Association to help alert local media channels that you hold the credential.
  • Access to the Association’s advocacy and policy resources and updates.
Female physician in front of laptop
Professional woman behind laptop

How Referral Sources and Insurance Providers Benefit

  • Support care coordination and communication between the referral source and agencies, enhancing the continuum of care for the patient.
  • Confidence of certification built on the Association’s science and guidelines.
  • Opportunity to demonstrate quality of care through patient outcomes.