Hearty Humor by Jonny Hawkins

By American Heart Association News

Cartoonist Jonny Hawkins riffs for American Heart Association News’ comics page.

This Week's Cartoon

12142018 Hearty Humor
"Boosting your elf esteem"

Last Week's Cartoon

12072018 Hearty Humor
“Do you have any that say, happy Hanukkah,
but look out for the loukoumades!”

Featured Cartoons

"A big apple a day"

“It's more of a procedure than a surgery”

"And now, for the winner of the echocardiogrammy!"

Skinny elephant talking a pudgy one "The best part is, some ecology group paid the the liposuction." 
“The best part is, some ecology group paid for the liposuction.”

Man at pharmacy window - "One silver bullet, please" 
“One silver bullet, please"

Tombstone stating Recovered Hypochondriac
"Recovered Hypochondriac"

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