Hearty Humor by Jonny Hawkins

By American Heart Association News

Cartoonist Jonny Hawkins riffs for American Heart Association News’ comics page.

This Week's Cartoon

Hearty Humor by Jonny Hawkins - “I’m afraid we don’t count calories.”
“I’m afraid we don’t count calories.”

Last Week's Cartoon

Doctor speaking to woman in wheelchair
“We’re out of beds, but fortunately this is out-patient surgery.”

Featured Cartoons

Nurse speaking to man in hospital bed with his doctor
"Dr. Halburg’s bedside manner is a little alarming."

Doctor speaking to woman in office
“No, I don’t suppose listening to chamber music will better increase your blood flow to your heart.”

Doctor and worried nurse speaking to patient

“I’m going to let my long-time nurse who’s really good with words tell you what’s wrong.”

Doctor speaking to man who resembles a salt shaker
“I understand you’re a pillar in the community, but cutting back on salt would greatly reduce your risk of a stroke, Mr. Moore.”

Cello speaking to a doctor
“I can never be as fit as a fiddle.”

Doctor and IRS auditor speaking to couple in exam room
“We’re trying to make our stress test more realistic.”

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