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We’re helping end the cycle of homelessness, improving the mental health of fathers, supporting a tech startup that helps nonprofit groups and uninsured people,and more. 

About Fresh

About Fresh delivers healthy food in communities and neighborhoods that need it the most. 
About Fresh


This social enterprise provides free record-keeping for community-based organizations.   
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EatWell Meal Kits

EatWell Meal Kits partners with community, housing and health organizations in Boston to sell affordable, SNAP-eligible meal kits in food deserts.

Eat Well

Fathers' Uplift

Fathers’ Uplift is the nation’s first outpatient mental health center dedicated to paternal health and male family engagement.

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Fresh Truck

Fresh Truck is a mobile market that gets healthy food to neighborhoods and connects people with better health in many ways.

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Healthworks Community Fitness 

Located in a fitness desert, Healthworks is improving the well-being of women with exercise programs and health education in Boston’s Dorchester and Mattapan neighborhoods.
HealthWorks Community Fitness


HomeStart is a social enterprise focused on ending homelessness by disrupting the cycle of eviction and housing instability. 
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Housing Navigator Massachusetts

Housing Navigator Massachusetts addresses the digital information divide with an app that helps low- to moderate-income families find and apply for affordable housing in Massachusetts.

Housing Navigator Mass

Immigrant Family Services Institute

This nonprofit supports the humane integration of recent immigrants into U.S. society.
Immigrant Family Services

Ride Health

Ride Health is an app-based platform offering low-income patients in Boston and other metro and rural areas affordable and dependable non-emergency medical transportation. 
Ride Health

Smart from the Start

Smart From the Start is closing the achievement gap between children living in the poorest and the wealthiest communities in Boston.

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The Urban Farming Institute of Boston

This organization fosters a healthy food system in several food-insecure communities by turning vacant lots into urban farms that offer affordable, locally grown produce for local residents and restaurants. 

Urban Farming Institute

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