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Heart Disease Survivor, Jen

Jen went from having a baby to being on life support. With the help of the American Heart Association, she is here to watch her kids grow up. That’s why it’s personal.

Survivor Spotlight: Jen

Shortly after giving birth, Jen couldn’t breathe. She had no previous heart issues.

Jen Rohe, heart disease survivor with baby postpartum

“The breaking point came when I was trying to walk up just one flight of stairs at our house. I couldn’t make it. That’s when we decided to go to the hospital.”

She is rushed to emergency room, and it’s discovered she needs a heart transplant.

Jen Rohe, heart disease survivor in hospital bed postpartum

“When I received my diagnosis, it was a big shock. I was instantly worried about my family and my kids — what was going to happen to them.”

Her treatment plan was based on research funded by the AHA.

Jen Rohe and her family in an outdoor portrait

“I am very grateful for my heart donor and their family. I am very thankful for the American Heart Association. I am grateful for every day that I get.”

The Impact of the American Heart Association

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  • Instilling heart-healthy lifestyle for more than 20 million children at 30,000 schools each year

She’s still here—and gets to be mom.

“I’m really glad I’m here to take care of my children and be with them every day.”

— Jen, heart disease survivor

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