Cardiovascular Disease

A Costly Burden for America
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Our Nation's Costliest Chronic Disease

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) has been the leading killer of Americans for decades. In years past, a heart attack or stroke almost certainly resulted in death. But medical advances and prevention efforts  have helped Americans fight back against CVD. Sadly, this remarkable progress has stalled. 

This comprehensive analysis projects what lies ahead in CVD prevalence and costs from the present through 2035.

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For Shane, heart disease was heredity

At 34, Shane Mandel suffered two heart attacks. Research and life-saving technology helped him get back on his feet. But what about his children's health?

CVD has been the number one killer of Americans since 1920. It threatens the health of today’s young and will likely kill their great-grandchildren. 

Gracie had a stroke at age 10, and she lives with it every day

Gracie might not be what first comes to mind when you think "stroke survivor." Research and advancements in treatment have allowed her to return to everyday life and pursue her passion - teaching dance.

But other young stroke victims may not be so fortunate.