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Ezekiel's Story: One Extraordinary Little Boy


Ezekiel, a remarkable boy in Casper, was born with a rare and severe congenital heart defect—having a single ventricle heart and dextrocardia. Despite being told he might not live long, Ezekiel underwent multiple surgeries, displaying incredible strength.

Wyoming Advocates Rally at the Capitol

Wyoming Advocates Rally at the Capitol

Around 100 advocates, including the American Heart Association, gathered at the state Capitol on Jan. 10 to support Medicaid Expansion in Wyoming. House Bill 80 (HB80), aiming to extend healthcare coverage to around 19,000 people, passed the House Revenue Committee 6-3 and is set for a House Floor vote.

Advocating for CERP's in Wyoming Schools

Empowering Health

In the upcoming 2024 Wyoming Legislative session, the focus will be on Cardiac Emergency Response Plans (CERPs) aimed at swiftly providing care for individuals in cardiac arrest. CERPs have the potential to increase survival rates by over 50%, especially crucial given that heart disease is a leading cause of death in the US.

Help Others Survive Heart Disease & Stroke

You’re invited to be part of the next big breakthrough. Thanks to the power of supporters like you in our first 100 years, we’ve changed the way the world thinks about heart disease and stroke with advancements like the pacemaker and artificial heart valve. Donate now to get 2X MATCHED and help discover the next breakthrough in a new century of lifesaving.
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2024 Hawai'i Heart Walk

Location: Kapiolani Regional Park

Date: Saturday, August 3, 2024 - 06:00 AM


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Dee Garrison from Bairoil, Wyoming, became a passionate advocate for heart health after enduring a series of heart-related challenges. Despite years of feeling unwell and being misdiagnosed, Dee had her first heart attack in 2007, followed by another in 2012. Through CPR, medical intervention, and her own resilience, she survived both incidents. Retirement followed as she coped with ongoing chest pains and fear of the next attack. It wasn't until 2014, during a cardiac catheterization, that a birth defect—a hole in her heart—was discovered. With advances in medical care and the grace of God, Dee is now on the path to recovery, sharing her story to raise awareness and make the fight against heart disease a priority in Wyoming.

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