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Person Rising Hands Forming Heart Silhouette
Person Rising Hands Forming Heart Silhouette

A Culture of Health

The American Heart Association is a science-based organization and during this challenging time. We want you to know we continue our work in fighting heart diseases and stroke, the No. 1 and No. 5 killers of all Americans. We are doing so with everyone’s health and safety in mind as we carry out our mission of being a relentless force for longer, healthier lives.

Show You Have Oklahoma City at Heart


As a member of the community, you have an important role to play in helping to improve the long-term health of our city.

This “Silent Killer” must be stopped

Make a gift today to help protect yourself and the people you love from high blood pressure’s deadly consequences.

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Lifestyle Change Award

The American Heart Association and MidFirst Bank want to recognize individuals who have made positive changes to improve their quality of life and health and influenced those around them to do the same. No change is too small and every accomplishment is significant and should be celebrated! Nominations can be submitted by friends, co‑workers, relatives, or individually.

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Mental Health

Feelings of stress, anxiety, uneasiness and lack of sleep can make it difficult to function normally. Mental health and physical health are closely linked, so finding ways to combat and manage stress in the (virtual) workplace and exercise while working remotely. 

Move More

Take time to switch up our workout regimen, which can help to boost our immune system, help relieve mental stress and improve overall health. Here is a quick easy way to create an At-Home Circuit Workout. Do each exercise in short bursts and repeat the circuit two to three times.

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Eat Healthy

We know that many of you may be cooking more at home right now. While some may find the thought of cooking stressful, making healthy meals is a great way to protect your heart. The American Heart Association has resources to fit all skillsets starting with How To Cook Healthier at Home. For those wishing to improve their abilities, there’s an entire section dedicated to culinary techniques. Here are a few easy recipes that use pantry staples.

Cooking at Home

Advocate for Medicaid Expansion

Oklahomans with risk factors for heart disease and stroke who lack health insurance or are underinsured are more likely to die early and have poorer blood pressure control than their insured counterparts. Uninsured stroke patients suffer from greater neurological impairments, longer hospital stays and a higher risk of death than similar patients covered by health insurance. Join us in making sure Oklahomans have access to healthcare no matter where they live by advocating for Medicaid Expansion.

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Chief Administrative Officer
Mercy Hospital

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Network Director of Cardiovascular Sciences
INTEGRIS Heart Hospital

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Cooper Project Advisors

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Vice President and Director of Investments
i2E Management Company, Inc.

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Director, Creative Services
KOCO TV 5, Hearst Television

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Member Cardiovascular Biology Research Program
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
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Marketing Manager
7-Eleven, Inc. 

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Vice President and Counsel
American Fidelity Assurance

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Oklahoma Health Care Authority