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African-American family (father, mother and son) gathered around kitchen island

Creating a Culture of Health

We are working to weave healthy living practices and opportunities into our community. From teaming up with city leaders to support more walking and biking routes, to driving initiatives that make healthier food options available in all neighborhoods, to providing our kids with more opportunities to be active in school – we are making it easier to be healthy where we live, work and play in Indiana.

African-American family (father, mother and son) gathered around kitchen island

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Focusing on the Need

There is no quick fix, no one way to solve complex health issues that are affecting this generation and generations to come. That’s why we’re focused on the areas within communities where there is an opportunity to make the greatest impact. Because at the center of it all, we have Indiana at Heart.

Improving Quality of Life

Living healthy and free of disease makes a critical difference in quality of life. Throughout Indiana, life expectancy can vary nearly 15 years. That's why we are working to raise awareness about the vital effect lifestyle has on health, especially poor nutrition and inactivity, and to help children form healthy habits that will last a lifetime by removing obstacles to making healthy choices. We have planted 15 Teaching Gardens in elementary schools across the state. 

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Ensuring Healthy Environments

Being a Hoosier should help our health, not harm it. The Indianapolis Complete Streets ordinance stands as the strongest policy of its type in the nation, ensuring that all pedestrians, bicyclists and transit passengers are able to move safely — and enjoy increased opportunities for physical activity. We're also working to make nutritious foods more accessible and affordable for all.

Strengthening the Economy 

A community's well-being is directly related to the health of its local economy. The American Heart Association is helping reverse the tax burden from obesity and disease-related healthcare costs by increasing taxes on items that contribute to disease, like sugar sweetened beverages and tobacco. Knowing Hoosiers spend time commuting and working, we are helping local businesses create comprehensive workplace wellness programs that help people get active on the job.

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Elevating Care

With human ingenuity, we can prevent heart disease and stroke — and care for people who suffer from these devastating diseases. The American Heart Association is providing more than $5.2 million to fund 30 studies at Indiana research institutions, fueling discovery of the next life-changing and life-saving idea. We are also working with medical professionals to apply the most up-to-date evidence-based treatment guidelines through Get with the Guidelines and Mission: Lifeline.

Changing Policy

Policy has the power to protect our health, improve communities and drive lasting change. The American Heart Association empowers citizens to take informed action on local and state policies because we can all benefit from things like smoke free laws. Each year 75,000 more Hoosiers will be prepared to save a life in a cardiac emergency because we helped the state pass a law requiring all students to learn CPR before graduating high school.

Woman performs CPR on an adult mannequin