Youth Health Equity Council

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What is the Youth Health Equity Council?

Members of this Council will meet monthly in a mix of Council meetings of the American Heart Association and activities that are designed to engage the participants in children’s health equity issues by examining chronic diseases and disparities within both local and vulnerable populations. Members will then be empowered to make change with exposure to careers in public health, STEM, research, medicine and advocacy.

UCSF Health is a local sponsor of the American Heart Association's Youth Health Equity program in collaboration  with the UCSF Center for Child and Community Health.

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 Program and Application Details

Application and Registration Requirements:

  • Complete Application and Registration
  • Complete Consent, Release and Indemnification
  • Completed Application and Registration, and Consent, Release and Indemnification signed by applicant and his/her parent/guardian

Applicant Requirements:

  • High School sophomore or junior
  • GPA of 2.5 or better
  • Must attend orientation at the convening of Council (TBD in October or November) and closing celebration (TBD in April or May)
  • Must attend monthly activities in the Greater San Francisco and Oakland areas to be held from October this year to May that include, but not limited to, American Heart Association (“AHA”) events, AHA Board meetings and community events

Submission Requirements:

  • Please submit all forms no later than Monday, October 21
  • Complete the virtual form on this site OR
  • By mail to: Leah Villanueva Saephan
    American Heart Association
    426 17th St., Suite 300
    Oakland, CA 94612
  • By email to:

Acceptance Notification:

  • Accepted applicants will be notified by mail or email by Friday, October 25
  • Accepted applicants will receive information on the orientation and further information on the Council and events at the orientation
  • Accepted applicants will receive a $50 gift card for each event attended

If you need more information, please contact us:

Leah Villanueva Saephan
Senior Director, Community Impact
American Heart Association
Phone: (510) 903-4042

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