30 Days of Heart
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30 Days of Heart

Thirty healthy steps. One day at a time. Backed by science.

Real talk... Living healthy is a challenge. Bad habits are easy to start and hard to break. We want what's best, but actually doing it? Well, that's another story. Where do I begin? With what time? Go to work. Feed the kids. Call the parents. It's overwhelming! 

Sound familiar? The struggle is real, but giving up isn't an option. Our loved ones depend on us. Our hearts depend on us. So we created an easy-to-follow, monthlong journey with your heart. Thirty healthy steps. One day at a time. Backed by science.

Download your local 30 Days of Heart journal today, and get active with your heart! Discover fun tips. Meet others taking the journey. And start down a path toward healthy living. 

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Step #1

Download your local journal. Review and prepare. Start when you're ready!


Broward & Palm Beach Counties

Sponsored by Cleveland Clinic Florida

Ask a friend to join you in this month-long journey. Follow along with those who already have.

South Florida edition
Social Collage

Step #2

Find and cheer others. Assess your health. Create good habits for years to come.

Get Digital

Let's get digital!

Join the #30DaysofHeart(link opens in new window) conversation online and tap into our larger community.

Research suggests that healthy lifestyles can spread through social networks, so whether you’re a loner or a social butterfly, be loud and be proud.

Give encouragement to strangers. Invite loved ones to follow along and offer support… or join the fun! You might inspire other hearts to be healthy too.

Moving toward a healthier lifestyle

30 Days of Heart is loaded with tips and guidance from our Life’s Simple 7®, because little changes can add up to big improvements in your overall health.

Not sure how you stack up? Take a private health assessment and bookmark the site to track your progress over time.

Life's Simple 7

Ready to be Healthy for Good?