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Updated:Feb 1,2017

Eating healthy can be a lot simpler than most people think. Limiting sugar and making substitutions can go a long way towards improving the overall health of your heart. Applying simple steps to your cooking habits can help create great tasting, healthy meals that you and your family will love.

Learn more about eating healthy without breaking the bank with these Simple Cooking with Heart infographics and resources.

Added Sugar Infographic

Learning how to identify products containing added sugars and choosing healthy alternatives is important for developing a healthier diet for you and your family. Learn what to look for.

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Simple Cooking with Heart Grocery Guide cover

As food prices rise, it’s important to learn how to shop smart. Planning a heart-healthy meal on a budget can seem like a daunting task, but we can help. Get tips on planning meals and saving money in our Grocery Guide.

Grocery Guide English

Grocery Guide Spanish

Budget Shopping Infographic

Eating healthy doesn’t mean your meals have to cost more. Planning before you shop can help you save money at the grocery store on heart-healthy foods. Your wallet and your heart will thank you.

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Life is Sweet infographic

Just because food is healthy doesn’t mean it can’t be sweet. Lower the added sugar in your diet with low-calorie alternatives that your heart and taste buds will love.

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Produce Storage Infographic

Properly storing fruits and vegetables is important in getting the most out of your produce. Keeping heart-healthy produce fresh prevents waste and will help save money. Learn how to stretch your budget with this infographic.

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Seasons of Eating Infographic

Changing your heart-healthy recipes with the seasons is a great way to add new taste to your family’s meals. Adding seasonal produce to your repertoire can help incorporate nutrients that are important to your health, year round.

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Sip Smarter Infographic

Sugar-sweetened beverages are the #1 source of added sugars in our diet. Cut your sugar intake with these heart-healthy alternatives!

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