Answers by Heart Fact Sheets: Lifestyle and Risk Reduction

Updated:Nov 30,2015
 You can make lifestyle choices that can reduce your risk for heart disease and stroke. These information sheets will help you get started. Topics include smoking, diet and nutrition, physical activity, cholesterol, high blood pressure, being a caregiver and dealing with stress. 

Answers by Heart fact sheets
Sample Answers by Heart sheet - Weight
What Do My Cholesterol Levels Mean?
How Can I Improve My Cholesterol?
What Are High Blood Cholesterol and Triglycerides?
What Is Cholesterol-Lowering Medicine?
How Can I Monitor My Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Weight?
High Blood Pressure
What Is High Blood Pressure?
How Can I Reduce High Blood Pressure?
What Is High Blood Pressure Medicine?
Why Should I Limit Sodium?
How Can I Monitor My Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Weight?
What About African Americans and High Blood Pressure?
Diet, Nutrition and Well-being
How Do I Change Recipes?
How Can I Cook Healthfully?
What About Eating Out?
How Do I Follow a Healthy Diet?
How Do I Understand the "Nutrition Facts" Label?
How Can I Make My Lifestyle Healthier?
How Can I Manage Stress?
Physical Activity and Weight Management
Why Should I Be Physically Active?
How Can Physical Activity Become a Way of Life?
How Can I Keep Track of Physical Activity and Eating?
Why Should I Lose Weight?
How Can I Manage My Weight?
How Can I Monitor My Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Weight?
What Is Caregiver Burnout?
How Should I Communicate, as a Caregiver?
How Should I Care for Myself, as a Caregiver?
How Should I Communicate with Heart and Stroke Patients?
What Are the Caregiver's Rights?
How Can I Support My Loved One?
How Can I Quit Smoking?
How Can I Handle the Stress of Not Smoking?
How Can I Avoid Weight Gain When I Stop Smoking?

Cardiovascular Conditions

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