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We are now conducting street audits across the City of El Paso. The purpose of the street audits is to gather data about the current conditions of our streets and identify locations where complete street elements would help improve the health and safety of our community. On this page you will find the street audit instructional video, online street audit form, and printable version of the street audit form.

Street Audit Form/ Encuesta de Observación Peatonal

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Encuesta de Observación Peatonal (Spanish)

Identificar lugares donde los peatones puedan caminar con seguridad y donde se puedan realizar mejoras. Se recomienda a los miembros de la comunidad que presten especial atención al acceso para sillas de ruedas, los espacios para hacer ejercicio y el transporte seguro para bicicletas y peatones.

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Street Audit Form (English)

Identify places where pedestrians are able to safely walk and where improvements can be made. Community members are encouraged to pay special attention to wheelchair access, exercise spaces, and safe bike/pedestrian transportation.

Please mail printed form to Quantum Engineering Consultants, Inc. 720 Arizona Ave., El Paso, T.X. 79902
Por favor envíe por correo el formulario impreso a Quantum Engineering Consultants, Inc. 720 Arizona Ave., El Paso, T.X. 79902

City of El Paso Complete Streets Renderings

El Paso Complete Streets Renderings

The El Paso Complete Streets Coalition is a collection of local & national organizations working in common cause to support improving street safety and the overall health of the El Paso community.

Complete Streets Coaliton of the following organizations:  Action For Healthy Kids; Aarp Texas; The Ymca; Quantum Engineering Consultants Incorporoted; El Paso Diabetes Association; Centro San Vicente ; Border Coalition For Fitness T.T.U.H.S.C El Paso ; American Heart Association; El Paso Independent School District ; Green Hope Project ; The Frontera Land Alliance ; City Health An Initiative Of The De Beaumont Foundation; Ttuhsc El Paso Pasos Para Prevenir Canver; Paso Del Norte Trail, National Park Service; Velopaso Bicycle-Pedestrian Coalition; Medical Center of The Americas Foundation; UT Health, the university of Texas Health Science Center of Houston; Educational Resource Partners;