Heart Failure Guidelines Toolkit

Guidelines-based care is at the center of improved outcomes for heart failure patients. Our new toolkit makes it easier for healthcare professionals in the post-acute setting to understand and use the latest evidence-based heart failure treatment guidelines.

Featured Tools

cover of HF toolkitHeart Failure Guidelines Go-To-Guide

Developed for healthcare professionals who care for heart failure patients in the post-acute setting, our new Heart Failure Guidelines Go-To-Guide provides information about the latest, evidence-based heart failure treatment guidelines. The guide also includes resources that can help healthcare professionals in the post-acute setting apply the latest guidelines.

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HF Guidelines Algorithm thumbnail

Heart Failure Guidelines Algorithm

Our heart failure guidelines algorithm makes it easy to understand and apply the latest, evidence-based treatment guidelines.

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High-Risk Heart Failure Patient Identification Checklist

HF Guidelines High Risk Checklist thumbnail

Identifying high-risk heart failure patients in a timely manner is critical to providing effective care. Our new checklist can help healthcare professionals recognize high-risk patients.

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Additional Resources

2022 AHA/ACC/HFSA Guideline for the Management of Heart Failure

Heart Failure Patient Resource Center — Our patient education tools and resources can help you engage your heart failure patients.

Support Network  — Connect your heart failure patients to peer-to-peer support by recommending our Support Network.

Resources for Your Practice: