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  • 11. Tim Gamble turns stroke into a career path Tim Gamble is a young stroke survivor who hopes to turn his personal experience into a career helping others.
  • 12. Jang Jaswal owes his life to heart research Jang Jaswal began his long struggle with cardiac disease in 1989. He was just 33 when he had his first angioplasty to open blocked arteries. A heart and kidney transplant saved his life in 2013 after more than 20 years of cardiac procedures and two strokes. He says, ?My story is one of the modern medical miracles made possible by the American Heart Association (AHA)."
  • 13. Arrhythmia Personal Stories The American Heart Association offersthese inspirational stories from survivors of arrhythmias.
  • 14. Stroke Survivors Starting Over – a priceless connection in the Bay Area Barbara Combs has instilled hope in stroke survivors for over 15 years by simply visiting them in the hospital. Stroke Survivors Starting Over, the peer visitor program she founded in San Francisco, has reached over 6,324 stroke survivors and their caregivers -- providing a priceless connection for those dealing with stroke outcomes.
  • 15. Kristine's Story: Mom Vows to Live a More Balanced Life Kristine's Story: Mom Vows to Live a More Balanced Life
  • 16. Vermont Go Red For Women Luncheon The American Heart Association's Vermont Go Red For Women Luncheon--filled with fun and educational opportunities--is a great day to share with friends and family.
  • 17. Personal Stories The American Heart Association offers these stories from survivors of heart disease and stroke.
  • 18. Maine Survivor Gathering Join us for the inaugural Go Red Survivor Gathering. This free event, from 5:30pm-6:45pm, is open to heart and stroke survivors to meet and chat with other survivors. Starting at 7:00, Pat Kirby, former Baltimore detective, FBI agent and inspiration for the character Clarisse in The Silence of the Lambs, will speak.
  • 19. Heart survivor - Karen Grant Heart survivor - Karen Grant
  • 20. Nowell's Story: Co-workers Revive Heart Nowell's Story: Co-workers Revive Heart

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