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Updated:Feb 6,2018

Benefits of Get With The Guidelines® - CAD Enrollment!
  • FREE for 2017
  • Immediate real-time access to measures data and Mission: Lifeline reports
  • Ability to customize regional data deadlines in preparation for regional and statewide Mission: Lifeline STEMI meetings
  • Reasonable and competitive pricing options for 2018 (as low as $500)
  • Consultative services provided by familiar AHA Quality Improvement staff
  • Streamlined, intuitive, user friendly data collection form via a new platform with an updated look, feel, and functionality
  • Less than 90 total data elements, only 47 required for Mission: Lifeline recognition analysis
  • STEMI only data option
  • Ability to create feedback reports by Referring hospital and by EMS agency
  • Third party Super User access to monitor statewide or regional adherence to guidelines, regional reports, and process improvement on a larger scale
  • Ability to export data in PDF, PowerPoint, or Excel files
STEMI Receiving Center Recognition Measures
  • Arrival to PCI ≤90 Minutes   
  • ASA on Arrival              
  • ASA on Discharge             
  • Beta Blocker on Discharge   
  • ACEI/ARB on Discharge   
  • EMS FMC to PCI ≤90 Minutes or ≤120 Minutes - when EMS drive time ≥45 Minutes AND when Door to Balloon ≤30 Minutes
  • Statin therapy on Discharge
  • Smoking Cessation Counseling
Plus Measure : Arrival to First Facility to PCI ≤120 Minutes
NEW STEMI Receiving Center Reporting Measures (not used for Mission: Lifeline recognition analysis)
  • Arrival to 12 Lead ECG ≤10 Minutes  
  • Door In – Door Out of ED ≤30 Minutes
  • Arrival to Referring Hospital to 12 Lead ECG ≤10 Minutes (patients transferred for PCI)
  • Arrival to Referring Hospital to Transfer Out ≤45 Minutes (patients transferred for PCI)
  • % STEMI alerts (Cath lab activations) with pre-hospital notification
  • Cardiac Rehab Referral
STEMI Referring Hospital Recognition Measures
  • Arrival to 12 Lead ECG ≤10 Minutes  
  • Door In – Door Out ≤45 Minutes
  • ASA on Arrival     
  • ASA on Discharge
  • Beta Blocker on Discharge   
  • Stain therapy on Discharge
  • ACEI/ARB on Discharge   
  • Smoking Cessation Counseling
For more information on GWTG-CAD and/or Mission: Lifeline participation, contact GWTG-CAD/Mission: Lifeline