Patients with mini-stroke (TIA) don't receive needed therapies

Updated:Apr 24,2014
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Patients with mini-stroke (TIA) don’t receive needed therapies
Secondary Prevention after Ischemic Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack. Bangalore S, Schwamm L, Smith EE, Singh I, Liang L, Fonarow G, Bhatt D. The American Journal of Medicine [Epub 3/26/14]

Key Points:
  • Patients with transient ischemic attack (TIA) are at increased risk of future full blown stroke, making institution of secondary prevention measures critical 
  • Our data from 858,835 patients from 1545 sites indicate that hospital adherence to evidence-based secondary prevention discharge measures was consistently less for patients with transient ischemic attack when compared with those with ischemic stroke, thus representing a missed opportunity at instituting preventive measures to reduce the risk of future stroke in the TIA population.
Urgent measures are required to close this gap

Study Author:
Dr. Bangalore leads, as Principle Investigator, NIH/NHLBI funded multicenter, multinational randomized clinical trials designed to assess whether an initial invasive strategy of cardiac catheterization and optimal medical therapy reduces the risk of cardiovascular events when compared with a conservative strategy of optimal medical therapy alone, in patients with advanced chronic kidney disease and moderate to severe ischemia on stress testing. In addition, he is an investigator and the Clinical Coordinating Center invasive lead for the parent ISCHEMIA trial.

In addition, he has published extensively in leading national and international journals in areas of hypertension, stable ischemic heart disease, acute coronary syndromes both device and pharmacotherapy which have been cited by major guideline societies. In addition to interest and expertise in clinical trials, Dr. Bangalore’s research has also focused on use of large administrative database

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