How to Make a Healthy Home

how to make a health home

Help your child develop healthy habits early in life that will bring lifelong benefits. As you gain practical tips on helping your kids eat nutritious meals and enjoy a physically active lifestyle, be sure to apply these same behaviors to your own life. The best way to lead your child to a healthy lifestyle is to set a positive example yourself. Find out how!

Dietary Recommendations for Healthy Children
    Make Fast Food Friendlier

Help Children Develop Healthy Habits
How to Make Your Own Baby Food 

Healthy Foods Under $1  Portion Size Versus Serving Size
Tips for Dealing With a Picky Eater  Get Non-Athletes to be Physically Active 

Limit Tube Time and Get Your Kids Moving 
Physical Activity Around the House 
Staying Active with Your Pet   Single-Parent | Working-Parent Heart Health 

Finding Time for Your Whole Family to be Heart Healthy
Teenage Hormones and Heart Health
Get Your Kids Moving and Check Some Chores Off Your List
    Healthy Eating Habits Start at Home
Busy Parents and Caregivers Must Care for Themselves
    Healthy Post-Play Snacks 

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