Words from the Heart - Sunder Joshi

Updated:Oct 6,2015

Passion Title
My desire to work at the American Heart Association comes from knowing I can grow professionally, that I am surrounded by folks who are “at the top of their game,” that the organization is led by outstanding leaders and managers who will create an efficient organization, and that I can make a difference.

Growth Title
I had the opportunity to take over as vice president of corporate services for the California Affiliate at a time when it was beginning to merge 18 independent chapters. In addition to the challenge of our day-to-day work, we had the daunting task of convincing their field management and volunteers that the affiliate staff could do the job — and do it well. It was a tremendous growth opportunity because I went from being director of internal audit to having line responsibility for multiple departments. Over the years, I was able to grow into managing other functions like Human Resources, Research, Development Operations and Customer Services, preparing me for my current role as Chief Administrative Officer and Chief Financial Officer for the national organization.

Pulse Title
The American Heart Association is a people organization. Staff, regardless of the discipline they are in, are very easy to get along with, and there is little of the typical corporate politics you find elsewhere. Working alongside numerous accomplished and interesting volunteers is an added bonus, providing a great opportunity to learn and grow personally and professionally.

Rhythm Title
Day-to-day, my job consists of meeting with my staff and other senior executives at National and Affiliates to discuss priorities, collaboration, staffing and Association wide Strategy.

Career Progression Title
Sunder has been with the American Heart Association since 1984:
Director Internal Audit, National Center
VP Corporate Services, California Affiliate
Senior VP Finance and Administration, California Affiliate
Chief Operating Officer, Business Operations, Western States Affiliate
Executive VP, Corporate Operations and CFO, National Center
Chief Administrative Officer, Chief Financial Officer