Words from the Heart - Roxie Zullinger

Updated:Jul 1,2010

 Testimonial Header - Roxie
Roxie Testimonial Photo Large More than anything else, it’s that I don’t want my grandchildren - or anyone else’s grandchildren - impacted by cardiovascular disease. I’m thrilled to think the work I do may help keep these precious little people healthy.  Throughout my career, I’ve seen a number of people dealing with cardiovascular disease, such as heart transplant survivors trying to make the most out of their lives -- so thankful and appreciative for the technology and the medication they have.  I admire their strength, but I’m working toward the day when none of us will have to endure what they do.

Passion Title
All four of my grandparents died from cardiovascular disease or stroke.  Being part of the American Heart Association allows me to actively participate in the fight against these diseases, perhaps ensuring that my children and grandchildren will live longer, healthier lives.

Growth Title
This is a place where I have had an opportunity to continually learn new things and branch out.  When the South Central Branch of the Pennsylvania/Delaware Affiliate was dissolved, my boss and mentor told me there was a perfect place for me in Planned Giving.  I never would have thought of changing into this kind of position, but with her encouragement, I found a new career I love.  It’s just like the saying, “When one door closes, another one opens.”

Pulse Title
I really enjoy interacting with people in the community, seeing the effort and passion they have to fight cardiovascular disease.  It’s touching to hear them express what a privilege it is for them to be part of our mission.  I’m amazed that people actually thank me for accepting their ultimate gift – knowing that when they die, the money they give to the American Heart Association will go on to touch others’ lives.

Rhythm Title
Where else can a person get paid for helping to contribute to making the world a better, healthier place?   My current job allows me to travel throughout a two-state area, meeting with prospects and donors to share the great work of the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association and offer ideas for how they can benefit themselves, others, and our great organization through planned giving.

21 years of service with the American Heart Association

Career Progression Title
Vice President, Planned Giving, Great Rivers Affiliate
Senior Regional Vice President, Pennsylvania/Delaware Affiliate
Program Director, South Central Chapter, Pennsylvania Affiliate
Heart At Work Coordinator, South Central Chapter, Pennsylvania Affiliate
Special Project Coordinator, South Central Chapter, Pennsylvania Affiliate