The Power of Getting Patients Involved

Updated:Oct 12,2016

Heart Health Information YOU AND YOUR PATIENTS CAN USE
Heart360 - My Connection Center

When you connect your practice and your patients to, you’re helping them take charge of their health.

The American Heart Association’s secure, online heart-health portal helps you track your patients’ health remotely, and helps them meet the goals you set for them.

What have we learned about “connected care?”
In a recent study led by David J. Magid, M.D., M.P.H., a team of researchers at Kaiser Permanente compared patients with high blood pressure using Heart360 to patients receiving usual care.

At six months, 54 percent of the Heart360/home monitoring group had reached their goal, while only 35 percent of the usual care group achieved their goals. The benefits were even greater in people with diabetes or chronic kidney disease.

Tracking the numbers and reaching the goals helped patients lower risks and achieve success.

Heart360 – Your Patients' Total Heart Health Dashboard
Good news: Heart360 helps patients track their key risk factors for heart disease and includes vital educational material on:

  • Monitoring cholesterol
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Tracking physical activity
  • Managing blood pressure 
  • Achieving blood sugar control 
  • Tracking medications

What about the new guidelines?
Even more than before, we’re looking at our patients’ overall risk profile. Newer prevention guidelines focus on obesity, risk assessment, lifestyle and cholesterol. With Heart360’s dashboard-style approach, patients can better understand the systematic processes that will either lead to better heart health outcomes or will put them at higher risk for heart disease and stroke.

Empower your patients for better outcomes. First, sign up as a health care provider in Heart360 today. Then, encourage your patients to sign up and connect with you. Once your patient is registered and connected to you in Heart360, you will have access to their self-reported data, providing you with insights to help them live longer, healthier lives.